Contract Size Reduction

Contract Size Reduction and Blending Service Objective:

With over 100 years of combined experience in cost effective process machinery sales ACP offers you more choices, more ideas, and more solutions to your dry, inorganic, specialty processing and outsourcing requirements.

ACP services all of the industrial industries-- from metallurgical to pharmaceutical-- with a wide variety of processing options.

Dedicated to customer satisfaction and competitive pricing, ACP is now seeking additional long- term contract inorganic processing relationships.

Contract Size Reduction and Blending Service Capabilities:

ACP offers full-service contract packaging of inorganic specialty powder and granular products.

Our specialty is in moderate to large production runs with fast turn around times. This also permits us to service product introductions or specialty type products. We will be happy to consider quotations for any size runs.

ACP has the capability to package inorganic coarse granules, fine powders, creams, and pastes. Our powder filling lines package free flowing and some caking type materials. We also have the capability of filling powders into water soluble and biodegradable bags for special applications needs.

Contract Size Reduction and Blending Service Philosophy:

Our goal is to become a partner with our clients. Our Quality Control insures clients that they receive the quality of product they desire, and on time. We will always be cost effective, providing our services and products at a cost that is fair and equitable.

We work with clients by providing assistance during the design phase through market introduction to full production. Our management team can help any client with ideas, enhancements, changes, packaging design, labeling, formulations, etc.

Dry Powder Packaging Services

    • Small & Large Quantities

    • Powder Filling Limits: From 4 ounce to 3,000 pound containers

    • Bulk Fill & Repackage

    • Screen Printing & Labeling

    • Proximity warehousing

Types of Packaging Available:

From sample ampoules to bulk bags, ACP can package your powder in various types of vehicles including:

    • Bottles

    • Drums (fiber, plastic & steel)

    • Fiberboard containers

    • Mail able pouches

    • Multi-Packs

    • Packets (paper, plastic, & mylar aluminum)

    • Pails

    • Pouches

    • Super sacks/ Bulk bags

    • Tubes

If your company is serious about contract processing we would like the opportunity to partner with you.

See how ACP can work with you by contacting ACP now!