About Us

Who We Are:

Arkin Custom Processing was started in 2010 because of the vast amount of custom processing knowledge gained during 35 years of field experience and the demand from our existing customer base. With that much experience giving other people the products they needed, we realized not everyone can afford to install a process system for testing a product in pilot plant type capacities. And so, Arkin Custom Processing was born.

Arkin Custom Processing will supply and install the necessary system to process your product on spec with the quality you require.

Our ultimate goal is to blend, grind, sort, pellet, and screen anything our customers need. Our prices will be affordable, they justify not paying for engineers, machines, employees, and utilities to make the product yourself. Even in long term contracts thousands of dollars can be saved by using Arkin Custom Processing to manufacture your bulk products.

If you are looking to manufacture bulk product in any form, or you need to find a solution with your product, contact us today. We are sure we can help you get what you need. We take great pride in doing the research and testing to find a solution to

your processing questions and needs.

Have Arkin Custom Processing handle your contract processing needs! We take pride in our ability to work closely with customers to transfer their production materials or

lab developments to one of our production lines. If needed we can create full

production lines to handle any size of contract processing.

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