Material Processing Experience

Arkin Custom Processing started because of the process knowledge that we acquired after selling new and used process equipment, and the need from our existing customer base. There is basically very few products we have not dealt with, and if it is new to us, we have the ability to test it first.

If you need to process anything and do not want the major cost of machinery, installation or the liability, contact us today. We are ready and willing to take on any size custom processing order to meet your needs.

With 2 locations in the Midwest, we make custom processing more affordable by creating lower shipping costs to and from the heart of America.

With years of experience in cost effective contract size reduction, size separation, and blending services, Arkin Custom Processing is a family business that offers you more choices, more ideas, and more creative solutions to your dry, inorganic, and outsourcing process requirements.

What Makes Us Unique

We, at Arkin Custom Processing like to consider ourselves unique because of our commitment to being flexible and creatively solving problems for our customers. Often times, businesses come to us to separate, grind, and shred things that have not been done before. We also consider our central locations to be key for our availability to our customers. Arkin Custom Processing has a relationship with just about everyone in the process equipment industry. We will test your product at no charge and provide you with a formal quote at any time. We would like to start creating new relationships by custom manufacturing bulk products for you.

Some of the processes we perform, custom processing, toll processing, manufacturing, size reduction, crushing, fine milling, pulverizing, grinding, cryogenic grinding, ultrafine, particle size reduction, agglomeration, granulating, mixing, blending, liquid coating, shredding, screening, aspirating, pelleting, destoning, and density separation.