Custom Processing

What We Do:

Arkin Custom Processing has the ability to work with any type of material. Our specialty is coming up with new creative ways to get what you want. If you need to sort by color, weight, or size we can do it. If you need to take a foreign material out of your product we can do that. We specialize in milling, screening, separating, and sorting, but we are capable of doing just about any process for our customers.

Our services include: Custom processing, toll processing, manufacturing, size reduction, crushing, fine milling, pulverizing, grinding, cryogenic grinding, fine, superfine, ultrafine, particle size reduction, colloidal processing, agglomeration, granulating, size enlargement, custom blending, blending, mixing, custom screening, sifting, air classification, screening services, bulk packaging, air classifying, de-stoning, density separations, particle shape separations, and recycling.

Below are more of the processes we have done in the past, but we are by no means limited to these processes.

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Our in house laboratory is available for testing at any time. Because of our deep ties in the industry we can also have test product sent to various machines and test facilities to find out exactly what you need for your process. We are process problem solvers. We love to find a solution to what no one else is capable of doing.

Arkin Custom Processing offers a wide range of other powder analytical services which include:

    • Particle Size Analysis

    • Moisture Analysis

    • Density Analysis

Arkin Custom Processing is equipped with a fully integrated lab set up to complete a wide range of analytical testing. If we cannot complete a test in house, we have the capabilities to make sure the testing is done right with one of our partners. Our and our partners capabilities include, but are not limited to, the following:

    • Particle Size distribution

    • Detection of fine particle contamination

    • Moisture Content

    • Quantitative Analysis of Metal elements

    • Measure pH

    • Measuring Green Strength

    • Magnetic Properties

    • Composition Analysis

    • Visualization of Particles

    • Magnetic Saturation

    • Solid percentages

    • Loss on ignition

    • Viscosity of Liquid Samples

    • Mechanical Bulk Density

    • Electrical Properties Measurements

    • Firing

    • Multi-temperature Firing

    • Explosiveness

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Custom Mixing and


    • Custom Processing

    • Milling

    • Fine, Superfine, and Ultrafine Grinding

  • Pulverizing

    • Agglomerating

    • Custom Screening

    • Sifting

    • Jet Milling

    • Micronizing

    • Controlled Temperature Processing

    • Mixing & Blending (Batch & Continuous)

    • Coating (Batch & Continuous)

    • Sieving & Classifying

    • Pelleting

    • Shredding

    • Crushing

    • De-lumping


    • Wood Fiber

    • Make-up

    • Plastics

    • Detergent

    • Feed

    • Metals

    • Pet Food

    • Powders

    • Minerals

    • All Materials

  • specialty Chemical Solids

  • Alloys

  • Ceramic

  • Composite

  • Magnetic Materials

  • Abrasive Materials

  • Boride

  • Nitride

  • Oxide

  • Polymer

  • Enzymes

  • Granule

  • Crystal

  • Foil

  • Natural fiber

  • Ceramic powder

  • Metal fiber

  • Composite fiber

  • Synthetic fiber

  • Particle/ Powder Additives

  • Particle/ Powder Fillers

  • Particle/ Powder Reinforcements

  • Cellular Foam